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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 10, 2010

how MAGICAL the AIR SMELLS and FEELS ! ! ! !

is shining
the swing
"Hang me . . .
you know
you want to start swinging
on me ! ! !"

It had spent
way to many cold days
lying on
the front porch
covered with snow.

As I looked
over the porch rail
(chorus's of
. . .And what
to my wondering eyes
should appear
but a miniature crocus
so lovely and dear.
~with apologies to Clement Moore

So I went inside,
took the camera
out of Grandma Pearl's
Hoosier Cabinet
and started my
1st Signs of Spring
Photo Shoot.

I started on the porch . .
the sun was shining
just perfectly on the swing
I had just hung this morning.
When I hang this swing
it brings back so many memories
of growing up on Ottawa Street,
sitting on the porch
with Grandma and Mom
and swinging,
and swinging,
and swinging . . . .

To me
this has to be
way to spend my time outside.
When we moved to New York
I brought Grandma's swing with me.
(I have no idea how many years she had it but I cannot remember a time when it wasn't there.)

when I moved back home to teach,
Mom gave me the swing'
for my own front porch . . .
a right of passage.
The nails started to pull away from the wood
and the wood
was too old
to take new nails
so I tied it together with twine.

Then I
and swang,
and swang . . .
probably put on enough miles
to go back and forth
to Florida
more times than I could count.

When it was finally too worn out
to hold together anymore
with twine
I had to say goodbye.

It still brings tears to my eyes . . .
another part of my childhood
died with the swing

As it set out on the curb
waiting to be
as trash . . . when it wasn't.

It was
the remnants of
a perfect childhood,
in a perfect home,
with perfect parents,
a perfect brother
and a grandmother
who loved me
to the ends
of the
and back.
(Well, she at least loved me to Florida and back but that is another post for a later time.)
time for what I started this post for
Signs Of Spring
This is the Weeping Pear Tree
that we plantes
from a sapling
(more like a bare twig)
the summer we moved in . . 2006
What do you think
of our
Cigarette Butt Garden?
Npow I know
why Dad got mad at Mom
when she flipped her butts
into the yard
HOW GROSS ! ! ! ! !
Closer view of the flower bead . . .
Can you see the 1st Crocus of Spring?
Look between the yellow plant marker
and oval rock.
You can just barely see
it peaking it's head out
behind them.
Here we have our 1st Hyacinth
popping her head up
through the
Western New York
(I couldn't believe an old plant markerpointed it out so well.)

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