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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just a Babette Baby Blanket

Have you ever heard of the Babette Blanket?
It is one of
EVER MADE ! ! ! ! ! ! !
(Did I shout that too loud?)

This is the complete blanket:

When I first saw it
I knew I wanted to make it.
for whom?
I knew I didn't want
to commit
to the whole blanket
just in case it drove me nuts.
I decided
to make it,
in a smaller version,
for Alicia and Jared's
soon to be born son.
I have a saying I like to use:
"From My Heart Through My Hands To You."
This is how I feel
when I get an invitation
to a wedding or baby shower.

I know how much I appreciate
looking at the baby items
that Mom kept
from Lee and I.
I always hope that
some adult will look back
at their baby items
and know that someone
liked them enough,
even thought the baby wasn't born yet,
to hand make something for them.
I give you
my Baby Babette Blanket.
It still needs a border,
then washed,
and wrapped
but you get the jist . . . . .

Signed, One Busy Crocheter for a Saturday Baby Shower

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