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Monday, March 1, 2010

Crying in my Molson!

If you drink beer,
you will know
"Crying in my Molson" means.

If not
it is a reference
to "Crying in my Beer."

I tried to get two more items finished
for the Ravelympics
and came up short.

On the Babette Blanket
I ran out of Blue yarn.
This is what it looks like now.
Sequence for completing:
1st ~ Big square (12" +/-)
2nd ~ Two medium squares (6" +/-) on the right
3rd ~ 4 Smaller squares(4" +/-) and 2 tiny squares(2" +/-) on the top
4th ~ Two mediums, 1 small and 1 tiny on the left.
Right now
the size is 24" x 16" (+/-).

On the Baby Cocoon
It was all whopper-jawed.
For some unknown reason
the circumference
was getting
and bigger
and bigger
each round.

there were
the same
number of stitches
in the last row
as the first.


I frogged the cocoon to the base
and started over.
(For the yarn virgins out there
frog means to rip . . .
as in "rip it. rip it,. rip it." Get it?)

Then I did a decrease every 6 stitches on the 1st round
every 5 stitches on the 2nd round
and later did another
round like round 1.

Now, instead of a baby cocoon
it resembles a baby basket.
in the end
I thnk it will work.

I would post pictures
but they are still in the camera.

So, I will end up 2 Ralelympic
badges below
what I expected.

Oh Well . . . . . . . .
Stay tuned . . .
Same Bat Time
Same Bat Channel!

Olympic Closing Ceremony Frogger

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