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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Miss Personality

This is my Indy. I have always told people that she was a cutie . . but I'm not sure how many of you have ever REALLY seen her personality.

When we were taking obedience courses (and I think I am the one who became obedient . . . NOT) we were told that she definitely had an Alpha Female temperament. Poor Gene . . two Alpha Females in one house!

During one class, she decided she really didn't like the black Shepherd that was in the class. So, the two of them decided to bark and jump at each other. The Shepherd's owner and I were instructed to get them on the floor and how to hold them there until they became submissive . . showing, of course, that we were in control. The Shepherd was up pretty quickly . . . not Indy . . her heart was still racing, though not as much as to begin with.

So, here I am, on the floor with a 30 pound dog in, as they would say in professional wrestling, a "figure 4 leg lock.' Waiting on hr heart/pulse to slow down so I could let her up. I was down for about 5 minutes and she still wasn't perfectly relaxed yet . . but I was getting uncomfortable so I let her up.

Through out the rest of those classes, she behaved me well. She would give Gene a run for his money at times, but she listened to me. Guess she found out who the REAL Alpha Female was in the house!

So, you may ask, what does all of this have to do with the pictures I have posted? O, to use a phrase I like, What do these pictures have to do with the price of pickles in Persia?

In her 1st puppy class, at 10 weeks old, we were to teach them to "leave it" and "take it." She really didn't like it to begin with. What puppy would? But she caught on before her next class. This has been one skill I am glad she learned. It has come in handy more than enough times to count.

The MOST fun I have is when I put something on her nose and make her wait for it. When she has her tug toy (top picture) balancing and I say "Take It." She will flip her head around and actually grab the toy on her mouth. Then she thinks she is a REAL BABE! She will take the toy and strut around the house, shaking it as she goes. Just waiting for more praise. She even does it with her Milk Bones, Peanut Butter Snacks and other treats.

Now, you are asking, I know, "What does she have on her face in that bottom picture?"

I'll answer you, "She has her Christmas Bear on her nose."

She got this bear her 1st Christmas here. She loved, and still loves, toys with "soft mouth feel." She liked this one so much sh tore a hole in it. It must have been sitting on our work bench in the basement for over a year, waiting for me to mend the rip. No hurry, she has more toys than Heinz 57 has pickles.

On day, the bear was lying on the living room floor. Abigail, the midnight stalker, had to have grabbed it off the bench and hauled it from the basement to the living room. She is always finding things to drag around, but this bear is almost as big as she is.

When Indy found it, she reminded me of that cartoon dog who, when given a biscuit, would float up into the air with ecstasy. That was Indy . . . you would have thought that this was her best friend who had been gone for years. Since this happened, I "stitched" up the back with yarn. That is the bow you can see on it's back . . the yarn from her "scar."

After playing catch and chase with Mr. Bear, I started playing "Take It" and "Leave It" with the bear and Indy. She LOVED it. So I had to capture what I saw on camera . . . every time we play this I have to laugh . . but she thinks it is so much fun she comes back for more.

The Parent of One Sick Puppy

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