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Monday, March 22, 2010

Warts and All

Ever heard the saying
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?"

How about this one . . .
"Even wart hog mommies think their babies are cute?"

Or . . . .
"I love you warts and all?"

There are so may times
I start
thinking about my friends,
and family,
in Logan,
who have known me for years.
for some reason,
is one of them.

I was reading an article
and the saying
"warts and all"
was mentioned
when referring to
being a friend.

It makes me laugh
at all the times
my many "warts"
were either ignored,
laughed at,
put aside,
or just trompled over
so our friendships lasted.

No one on Earth is perfect,
that's why friends are needed.

They ignore
(as best they can . . in their own ways)
and travel right along,
on Life's Highway,
beside you . . .

speed bumps,
dangerous curves,
detours to who knows where,

and yet,
at the end of the ride,
they are there . . .
a little worse for the ride,
but still there.

friends and family
from Logan,
I leave you with this poem:

*~*~*~*~* Friendships Come and Friendships Go *~*~*~*~*

Like day and night
Like birds in flight

Like snowflakes when they land

But you and I are something else
Our friendship's here to stay

Like weeds and rocks and dirty socks
It never goes away!

Just One More Dirty Sock in your Hamper of Life :0}

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