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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday, 2010

Gene, Indy and I
would like
to welcome you to our home
In Tonawanda, New York. If you look closely at the left side of the porch
you will see my favorite location
in the spring,
and fall
my porch swing.

To give you the whole experience
of our neighborhood,
I took pictures of what I was seeing
on Easter Sunday
April 5, 2010.

This is the view from the swing
to the right (north).

Followed by this view
directly across the street (west),

looking southwest
and finally

looking directly
at Gene and Indy.
(do you know which is which?)

Our garden,
directly below the front porch,
looks rather sparse and dull
but up close, it is starting to rock!

Now for
some close-ups of the garden.
These were taken from left to right. (north to south)

From the far left
a miniature butterfly bush.

Some daffodils and hyacinths,
no smells yet,
oh so soon they will let go of their perfume.

Still some yellow crocuses left
and the purple anemones,
with their white centers,
showing off for the people who pass by.

And here are the purple anemone
with their white anemone cousins.

Here are Frog & Toad
playing their
game of chess.
They have been at it,
let's see,
I think this is starting
their 3rd summer
and Frog
still can't decide what to do.
(I know the Toad is a tortoise
but somehow I started calling them
Frog & Toad and it stuck.)

My beautiful Pasque Flower.
Legend has it
that this flower
starts showing its blooms
on Easter Sunday.

I don't know
how it does it,
since Easter changes each year,
but since we have planted it
the 1st blooms open up
on Easter morning.

but by no meant least,
the coral bells by the front steps
which are now covering
the Welcome stone
that Joyce made for us.

We are going to clean the stone up
and move it
to the flower bed
between the driveway and the front walk.
This way, it will be seen by people as they pass by.

And now,
for the BEST PART
of our personal Easter Party,
Miss Indy,
and her father,
will entertain you.

Mom of One Happy "Fur-Baby"


  1. Thank you for the photo tour - cute little place. How does that plant "know" to bloom??
    Sit Indy Sit!!

  2. Hope you had a great Easter. I enjoyed seeing the photos.


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