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Monday, April 5, 2010



Welcome home to the "Largest Dyngus Day Celebration in the World."

Dyngus Day, the annual post-Lenten bash, attracts tens of thousands to Buffalo, New York to celebrate spring, show Polish pride, flirt with pussy willows and listen to the best polka bands in the nation.

DyngusDayBuffalo.com is your home for Dyngus history & traditions, up-to-date schedules and information about the Dyngus Day Parade in the Historic Polonia District.

For those about to POLKA.... I salute you!


Did you know that the legend of Dyngus Day goes back to the year 966? Where is the largest Dyngus Day celebration in the world? What is the deal with pussywillows? Why sprinkle water? Who founded the modern Dyngus Day celebration in Buffalo? How do you say "cheers" in Polish? Can you really find your TRUE love on Dyngus Day? Become a Dyngus Day Buffalo expert before headed out to celebrate!


Pussy willows playa big part in Buffalo’s Dyngus Day celebrations as men and women flirt with playful “taps.” Branches of the plant are used as the pussy willow is one of the first “budding” plants of spring. But how did the pussy willow get its name? According to Polish legend, many springs ago, baby kittens fell into a raging river while chasing butterflies. The mother car sadly wept at the river’s edge, pleading for help for her drowning kittens. The willows heard her mournful cries and swept their long graceful branches into the water. The kittens grabbed the branches, held on tightly and were safely brought to shore. Every spring, from that day on, the willows sprouted fur-like buds where the tiny kittens once clung.

You need to speak the language.
How are you?
Jak sie masz?
Good Day
Dzien dobry

Thank You

I Like Beer
Lubie pivo
Live Long!
Sto lat!

Let's Dance?
I'm Broke
Nie mam pieniedzy
I have a headache
Boli mnie glowa

Your beautiful
Jestes tak piekna

I Want You
Pragne Cie

I Like You
Lubie Cie
I Love You
Kocham Cie
Let's Get Married
Ozenmy Sie

Let's Pray
Modlmy sie

The Official Vodka of Dyngus Day Buffalo!

Yes, it's true - the birthplace of vodka can be found in Poland dating back to the early Middle Ages. And vodka (Polish: wódka), is not only the official national drink of Poland, it is the centerpiece of Polish life, enjoyed at most every celebration and occasion. In fact, in this land where vodka began, Sobieski is the number one premium vodka. So you'll forgive us if we bristle at the notion promoted by those who claim that vodka had its origins, well, elsewhere. There's frankly a lot that many people don't know about Poland, and we've only just begun to tell our story. Sobieski Vodka represents a careful blend of authenticity and modernity that enables us to meet the strict requirements of the Polish Product Origin Control System. In other words, making vodka in Poland, of Poland, is what's required to call Sobieski true Polish Vodka. Or as you'd say it in Gdansk, Wódka Polska

Official Beer of Dyngus Day

One of the the best selling brands of beer in Poland is the Official Polish Beer of Dyngus Day Buffalo. Since 1629, they've been brewing this Polish pilsner in the town of Tychy in Southern Poland. Tyskie is light in color, with a rich, full flavor, prominent hops for a strong, bitter palate, and a hearty 5.7 percent alcohol content.
Tyskie may be purchased at all Official Dyngus Day Buffalo Festival Halls, Wegmans and Polish/European Delis across Western New York.


Indiana Girl who moved to Polish Country, USA

For more info, visit www.dyngusdaybuffalo.com
All information credited to www.dyngusdaybuffalo.com

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