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Friday, April 2, 2010

Making a Blog Button . . Part II

I followed the instructions from the post below and found my button was WAY TO BIG so I am trying to modify it.

These are the steps I am taking this time:
  1. Copy the pictures I want to use into Flikr
  2. click on the image and go to the larger display
  3. above the display click on themagnifying glass ALL SIZES
  4. click on SQUARE (75 x 75)
  5. click Download the Square size
  6. You now are able to save this size to your hard drive
  7. Do the same with the Thumbnail
  8. Now you have two different sizes for your button, you decide which one you like best.
  9. the clip art to the left in this posting are SQUARE size ( shows up 3/4" +/-) and the ones to the right are THUMBNAIL (shows up 1" +/-).

So, let's try these instructions again, shall we?

These are Jen's directions (See Post Below). . . since I don't have photoshop, I went to GOOGLE and searched for Crochet Clip Art. These three pieces are the ones I liked the most.

1. First, you need to create an image. I made mine on Adobe Photoshop. There are several websites that specialize in buttons if you don't have photoshop. Google "Blog buttons or chiclets" in oder to find these websites. You will then need to save your image to your hard drive!

2. Next, you will need to upload your image from your hard drive to the internet. You can do this by posting it in a post on your blog. You can use Picasa and I think Flicker will work too. (I posted my in a post. This one to be exact!)

3. Now you will need to go into your layout and create a new page element. Be sure to choose HTML/Java Script. Go to this website and copy the code about half way down the page. (This is the tutorial I used.)

There are two URL addrss that need to be changed in order to fit your needs. The first address is the site your linking to. The second one is the address where your image is located on the web. (To find this address, click on the image in your published post. Next right click, scroll down and click on properties. Then you can copy the URL address next to location.) I found deleting the words, title="Mouseover Words" works better. Make sure to only delete those letters. Do not delete the > symbol. Also leave the words "Alternative Name" the way they are. I found when I changed those words it didn't work.

4. After the two address have been replaced you are now ready to click save.

5. Enjoy your new button!!

I am going to Enjoy my new Button. This time it worked for me . . . BUT, I had to leave in title="Mouseover Words" in my button so it would work.

Now, to learn how to copy the code and display it so people can post my button on their blog.

See Making a Blog Button . . . Part III for this journey.

Martha Techno

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