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Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Front Porch Siding

Saturday, April 10, 2010 . . . and this is what the front of our home looks like. Lou is getting ready to put on the new shake shingle siding I picked out for the skirting on the front porch. What I am SO EXCITED about is that the original openings between the siding and the floor are n ow back open to the outside. You can see the two on the front while each side has one.
I am so glad that Dan, who lives catty-corner across the street from us . . . the house with the white painted rungs on his porch ailing and step railings in the pictures I took from our porch, gave Gene Lou's business card. It will make my life so much easier . . having someone I can depend on to do the odd jobs we need done around the house. Needless to say, I have missed jerry's availability since we left Logan . . . I don't think he would drive all the wayto Western New York even for this "woman" wose door key he kept in the ashtray of his truck.

Check out the captions in these next pictures . . see if you don't agree with me on them.

One final look at what the porch actually looks like . . . was it ever really as nice as I remember?

I want to get a closer look, but he might think I do know what I am doing andwonder why I'm not doing it

Yeah, it looks great from here . . what are you looking for?

Okay, King (as in Sergent Preston of the Northwest Mounted Police and his dog King),
I think this case is closed.

One final look at what the porch looks like now.
This is EXACTLY what my minds' eye
has been seeing ever sice we moved back home.
Now, to get the painting finished
columns and top white
"embelishments/gingerbread" forest green
top of railing forest green
porch deck, barn siding red
and shutters forest green.

What do you think?

Yeah, right Dad, it does look good from here . . .
Now pick more weeds so this bed looks as good!

A Wife Who Is Thankful For Big Lou

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