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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Not Big Boned, Just Fat

Had to give blood work done today. I am NOT a good draw. Normally they have to poke and prod me to find something that will open and let them suck out my blood.

I've had bad experiences:
  1. new box of needles and I got the 1st one . .it had a bur on the end
  2. young male nurse at blood bank . .told him I was a head nurse stick . . . Oh, no, he can do it . . . are you sure, I'm not easy . . . Oh of course, I'm good at this . . . and I end up with a blown out vessel, several of the nurses around making sure it doesn't get worse and he is apologizing all over the place . . . dumb ass, cocky young guy . . . I think he was scared shit-less at what he had done and I hope he got his ass raked over the coals
  3. almost passing out the 1st day at the research project i was involved in . . . took 2 aides about 3 times each to get it where it belonged . . . and I am just laying on a bed hoping they get it THIS TIME!! ! ! !
  4. More times than I can count where it must have taken 3+ tries to find a little bugger that wasn't moving around or hiding under something else.
So today I reported to Quest T 8:00 after fasting since 7:00pm last night. They were already 10 minutes behind. By the time I got in they were 20 minutes off. Glad I got in when I did!

When I got home I immediately put ice on the "insertion hole." I was hoping it would keep the bruising and swelling down. I still have a bruise and bump left from the last "blood transaction" at Millard Fillmore Gates Circle. Before that, I had a bruise and bump right above the one I have now. So, NO MORE of those . . . ice from now on and fingers crossed to hope for the best.

So, next week when I go see Dr. C, he will probably tell me the same as the doctor in the cartoon . . .not big boned anymore :+}

Human Pincushion Disguised as a Former Teacher


  1. Thank you...yes, yes that is the site I wanted (pro knit). Have a great day Paula. I going go peek at your site and see what you have been up to beside blood work.

  2. Sorry you had so much trouble with all the pokes and sticks, but you gave me my laugh for the day! :)

  3. Paula, what's up with the blood work???


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