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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh Canada . . . . Your Geese Are In Our Land

Living close to the Canadian border, we have a lot of Canadian visitors. My favorites are the Canadian Geese. We had them in Indiana also, but with all of the lakes, streams, creeks (which I pronounce 'crick' because that's the way we pronounce it in Indiana), rivers and canals here, they have a multitude of places to live . . and can visit their family members in Canada should that urge strike them.

Today we were coming back from WalMart, via Ellicott Creek Park. I am always on the lookout for geese and what I call wombats . . which are really muskrats but since I can't remember that name without singing a chorus of the Captain and Tennil's "Muskrat Love," I just settle on wombat.

If I am lucky enough to see either of these species, I will yell out the window, "H-O-N-K ! ! ! !" at the geese or "W-O-M-B-A-T! ! ! !" if I see one of those. Poor little devils, always jerk their heads up and look around. I have NO IDEA why I find that so much fun . . but I do.

It was a bit on the chilly side today. We had, what I would call, a nice spring rain last night. Today, the buds on the trees and the flowering bulbs responded to that shower. The sky has been overcast all day and we have had a couple of Thunder Storms since 5:22 am. (That was the time Indy decided she had to use the Powder Room since it was raining last night when we went to bed and her little (NOT!) feet don't like to walk on wet ground.) When we got to WalMart, around 2:00 pm (pharmacy closes from 1:30 - 2:00 for lunch so we always need to either shop early when I have scripts or late)it was starting to drizzle with blowing wind. I didn't feel wet, but the feet got water through the holes in the Crocs. When we came out, no rain but it was a lot chillier and damper. That meant keep the windows up and no yelling at the animals along the creek (crick) today.

Instead, I was able to enjoy the pairs of geese searching for food. I always find it interesting that before the eggs are laid, they are in pairs during the spring. Then as soon as those little goslings (hate it that Kate and Jon are named for such cute creatures) start wandering around it is like a giant nursery school . . all the mommas and daddy's with their babies. I would swear we have seen groups that had to have 100 babies or more with them. The groups get so big that the people driving by Ellicott Creek Park have to stop while the geese are "marching" either from the park to the residential area across the street, or vice versa. I swear, when they do this, there is a drum major at the beginning and "band instructors" marching along the sides. I have to laugh each time I see this happen. For some reason, these marches always bring to my mind watching the LHS band marching down Broadway with Mr. Nichols (Paul) marching right beside them. Fond Indiana memories to bring to Western New York.

One Who Yells at Geese and Wombats
(Wonder what that translates to in a Native American language?)

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