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Friday, April 16, 2010

Overcast, With A Chance of Snow

This is my Nosebud,
(nicknamed for the sleigh, Rosebud, in Citizen Cane,)
sitting at her favorite "perch" in the house
the bow window in the kitchen
facing the backyard.

Normally when she is in the window
she is "yowling" for me
to comb her with the 'furminator."

I find it amazing
that I bought this comb
for Indy's shedding
and Nosy
(her real name)
is the one who loves it.
Indy normally runs when she sees it.

Behind Nosebud,
looking out the window
you can see the limbs of our Cherry Tree.
Gene has no idea what type of Cherries these are
but the squirrels
and birds
go nuts for them.
As you can tell from this picture
it's canopy covers almost the whole back yard.
This makes the kitchen
one of the coolest spots in the house
in the summer

If you were looking directly out the center window
of the three in the bow,
this is what you would see,
my little garden of daffodils.
that they have multiplied the way they have.

Here is our cigarette plant!
I wanted to get a good picture of the Coral Bells
and when I uploaded this
I saw the cigarette
resting perfectly on the leaves.
Gene has a LOT of cigarette cleaning to do in the back yard.
He uses the whole thing
as his own, personal, ashtray all winter
which really irritates me.
Oh well . . stuff happens.

Now to show you the progress of our PASQUE FLOWER.
Here is what it looked like
on Easter Sunday
only two blooms,
but they were on time.
Legend has it that they start their blooms on Easter Sunday
and so far, ours always has started that day.

 This morning, we had some sun
and I was lucky enough to get a picture of them opened up.
I had just gotten up and went out front in the sleep shirt,
neighbor from across the street yells,
"What do you think this is, Club Med?"
So I guess I was safe . . it must have looked like a swim cover up.

 Later on in the morning,
it started to cloud up outside,
we ended up with a little rain,
and this is how the flowers responded.
From the front you can see that they
have closed up their blooms
(which they do every night.)

From the back one can really tell the blooms are closed,
except for the two farthest back.

Here is what the two that were actually opened look like.
Notice how the petals have a little fuzz on them?
When the pollinating is over
and the petals fall off,
the yellow stamens will get longer
and the whole plant will have an almost
space like, star burst quality.
This is a fun flower to watch as it goes through it's blooming season.

on the News at Noon
they did say we had a chance of *S*N*O*W*
later today
but it would probably be in the Southern Tier
so not to worry.

I am finally Getting a Cleaned Out Garage

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