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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Potholders and Hockey Pucks

 For some reason I have a song from the group Chicago ("Saturday In The Park") running through my mind. It is one of my ALL TIME favorites, but, besides the fact that it is Saturday, why would I start thinking of it? I know it is going to stay with me all day at the rate its haunting me now.

Today's picture, for your perusal (is that really a word? Sounds so fake, doesn't it?) is the potholder I made for my 1st swap in the Dazzling Dozen Potholder Swap on Ravelry.   I have always been a fan of Granny Squares . . so easy, yet look SO NICE when done, that this has become by FAVORITE potholder pattern . . . a 4 Granny Square front and one Granny for the back. Even though it seems like it wouldn't be heat resistant, due to the holes, it is. AND, the PLUS to it is that it is machine washable, dry able, softens in feel and in color with each wash and if by chance, like we have done MANY TIMES, it gets burnt, it will just look like it has been in the family for generations . . so you can blame it on "granny."  LOLOL

Forty minutes until game 2 in the Sabres race for Lord Stanley's cup. Must get computing finished so I can go upstairs to watch it and work on the NY nieces and nephews Christmas presents . . let's hope they are in the race 'til the end so I can get the presents finished this spring.

Crocheter for Christmas


  1. Christmas presents? Wow! You are one motivated, ahead-planning, organized woman! I have end-of-year reports on my mind... ;-)

  2. Love the potholder! What yarn is that? Is it cotton? I like grannie's too because they are quick and easy. AND look great! :o)


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