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Monday, April 26, 2010

Silent E at the End

I can remember learning Phonics. At the time, I didn't like it . . . like most kids at that time. However as a teacher I came to understand the value of Phonics . . . those who had been taught Phonics were very good at decoding words. Their word attack skills were great. The non-Phonics students, which now seems close to 100% had horrible word attack skills.

When asked to look up a word they couldn't spell, the "phonics" had a clue but the non-phonics were literally without a clue.

Now, you ask me why,, after retiring in 2006 this Silent E phenomenon has played a very important part of my life. Yesterday hit dawned on me that the only two men in my life I have/had ever loved both had the Silent E on their names.

WOW! That totally blew my mind. Maybe that was the meaning of the dream I wrote about earlier. Hum . . . . might just be.

I Before E, Except After C


  1. Did you have a fav phonics curriculum?

  2. I never had a chance too teach phonics . . . when I was in a school that taught it, I waa in another subject area . . . but when I taugh science I knew it had been missing in the curriculum . . . kids would just sit there and look at words . . if I asked them to try to sound out the word, they had no idea how to do it . . . so sad . .the move ins who had had phonics just busted through the reading and those who had done base and root word activities could figure out so mush on their own.

  3. wow, i missed this post somehow until this morning. i was always good in math, spelling and reading, which looking back were the most important ones for living in the world after.


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