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Sunday, April 25, 2010

He's Back . . . . .

Yes, its spring and the Doctor is back.

Which doctor, you may ask?

It isn't a "which" doctor, it is THE DOCTOR . . . the one and only Dr. Who.

If you have never "experienced" The Doctor . . and I do mean E-X-P-E-R-I-E-N-C-E--D The Doctor . . . check out BBC America on your channel guide. It is worth a look see . . . and if you are lucky . . . you will become an addict like me.

I first fell in love with the series when I lived on Spencer Street in Logan. If, and when, I could stay awake late enough on a Sunday night, I was lucky to watch, on WTTW in Chicago, "Dr. Who" and "Dave Allen at Large."

At that time Tom Baker,with his mile long scarf, was The Doctor. I was hooked . . . and, was the previous doctor Jonathan Pertwee? I liked him too. Didn't care for any of the others until David Tennant, who was the last Doctor until this season. Now Matt Smith is the latest reincarnation. I think I am going to like him as much as I liked Tom Baker's Doctor #4 . . . he seems to have a glint in his eyes that lets you know he can get into mischief.

So, it is time to watch The Ultimate Guide to Dr. Who . . . this will catch me upon what I've missed in previous seasons.

Until later.

A Want To Be Tardis Time Traveler

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