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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Blessings Sampler

I have started a sampler.
Not just any old sampler
like I used to do
when I was cross stitching a lot.

This one is special.
It is part of a Stitch-a-long.
The object is do make 100 squares,
each 1" x 1",
and fill each square
with something you consider a blessing.

I have not cross stitched for years.
My eyes have always been bad
but they got worse
couldn't see the small threads
I liked to work with.
I never did like the 14 count
cross stitch material . . .
18 was better
and 22 count was the best.

When I found linen,
I was ecstatic.
Now I would make beautiful,
detailed projects.

Samplers were my favorites.
Each one tells it's own story.
The last ones I made are now the focal part
of my living room decor.

I decided I could make the sampler
if I used the Mag Eyes I had bought earlier.
They work GREAT.
So, now it was time
to get my one hundred
1" x 1" squares outlined.

Not wanting to measure every block,
I measured in 1" from the left side
and did a running stitch,
over 2, under 2,
to the bottom of the material.
I did the same horizontally.
I then counted 28 threads,
I am using 28 count cloth,
and did the next column/row.
When I finished,
I had 206 squares.
I am SUREļ¼©have that many blessings
but I'm sure I'm not going to do all of them.
I'll be lucky to get to 100.

I have my Family Tree complete.
I knew I had to do it 1st.
My family was the 1st blessing
I had in my life.

Member of this Family Tree's 2nd Generation


  1. Is this a Rav group? I rather fancy the idea and I love the family tree one

  2. I really like this sampler!

  3. Oh, I *love* it! I must do it --- as soon as I'm settled into a new house & have given birth. ;-)

  4. P.S. How did you do those gorgeous flowers at the base of three tree??? AmaZZzzZZing!


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