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Friday, May 14, 2010

Circa 1953

I'm not sure the year this picture was taken.
I am thinking
that I look like I might be around 2 years old.
If so,
then this picture was taken in 1953.

It truly makes me smile.
Mom is smiling,
Dad is either ready to grin,
or trying not to,
Lee looks like he is ready to be ornery
and I look like
I have no idea what is going on.

Something else beings a smile to my face
in a wistful sort of way.
The chair Dad is sitting in belonged to'
Grandpa Winegardner.
(Mom's Dad.)
He had been sick when Lee was born
but did live long enough to see his grandson.

That same chair sits in my living room today.
Lee will be 64 this coming December.
That makes this chair at least 65 . . .
but I know it is lots older than that.
Mom said that this had been Grandpa's favorite chair
leading me to believe he had owned it
for many  years before Lee was  born.

So I smile at the fact this is a family picture
that I still possess.
I smile because I still have Grandpa's chair.
I smile because the memories of
the room we were in
(our living room on Ottawa Street)
is still fresh in my memory . . .
Like I just left it yesterday . . .
Not 38 years ago.

Lee's Little Sister and the Baby of the Family


  1. I just love pics like this! I was checking out the vintage wall paper on the walls...and was wondering...did they even paint walls back then? Weren't they all wallpapered like this?

    Thanks for sharing! It made me smile too!

  2. Awwww. What a treasure. Such a sweet picture. So 50s-ish. :-)

  3. Just wanted to tell you that I love reading your upbeat blog. Was :-( to see that there wasn't a post when checking the blogroll this evening. I think you're a night-owl, though, so maybe later?! ;-)


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