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Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Smell LILACS ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Before I start my tour of our Garden,
this 1st day in May, 2010,
something just struck me and I have to ask all of you this:
Have you EVER mixed TIDE for Coldwater
with Regular TIDE?

I did that when my
Coldwater Tide from BJ's
(Local Sam's Club Type store.)
with some other bottle of TIDE.

when I put a cap full in the washer
it already looks like DIRT.
I'll tell you,

it is THE UGLIEST color of brown muck I have ever seen.
Makes me laugh when I think of this
brown mucky color soap
cleaning clothes.
Seems like it would make them look dirtier.

it's time to pass through the garden gate
and see
just what is happening in the backyard
on May 1, 2010
Well, look who happens to be under the cherry tree?
It's Mr. Bunny.
He came to stay with us from A.C. Moore.
30% off . . couldn't pass that up.
I just LOVES bunnies
in my backyard flower beds
but they are getting SO EXPENSIVE.
When we lived in Logan I think I picked up everyone Joanne's had . . .
You know how great their sales are.
Who would ever pay full price for any yard art there?

If you look to the right of Mr. Bunny
you get to see the red and yellow tulips
that were planted by either Gene,
his mother, Dorothy,
his brother Rick.
Gene can't remember.
personally, I don't care.
The red tulips come up about midway
in the growing season of the Daffodils that are in this bed.
Then, as the daffodils are dying
the yellow tulips start to bloom.
Looks like someone planned this bed
someone was REAL lucky.

Now we are looking further right

L-I-L-A-C-S ! ! ! ! ! ! !
this is one of my
L-I-L-A-C-S ! ! ! ! ! ! !

After I had gotten my drivers license
let's see,
that was 43 years ago this summer,
for Mother's Day
I would drive down the alleys in my hometown,
Logansport, Indiana,
and search for Lilacs that were blooming.

At that time,
it seemed like every house had lilacs in their alley
later those same houses
would have

now my favorite word,
I digress.I was searching for Lilacs for Mother's day.

when I got home
I would have a bouquet of
Lilacs for Mom.

She would always ask me,
where did you steal these from?"
And I'd fess up.
it seemed like people then
didn't mind this.

let's walk a little farther to the right
and see what appears.
Shall we?

Ah, yes,
the Columbine/Rose bush trellis.

As you can see, we need a bigger trellis
but I don't want to unwind everything.

So we are going to attach the trellis to the
wrought iron porch support on the garage,
which is just out of site on the right.

in a few years,
we will have Columbines and mini-Roses
climbing that way.

for my worker Bee

Gene has repainted two small window boxes for some pansies.
he was working on cleaning up the larger box
so he can paint it later.

Don't you like the
hanging out of his mouth.

Just couldn't pass this picture up.
This is my hubby,
just the way I love him
comfy inside himself.

Two small window boxes of pansies.
Sitting in the driveway
after I gave them a good drink
WATER . . .

we need to walk to the right for the rest of the garden.

There's Leona's puppy
that she made us our 1st summer here.
A Bunny Crossing
and Bunny
that we brought with us from Logansport.
And last, but by
a Dragonfly & Peony garden stone
that is held by 3 turtles,
that Dee & Bill gave for us
to put in the flower bed in Logan
that Gene made after he put in the pond.

Every time I see this stone it brings back
all of the great memories of living next to Dee & Bill.

Next to Dee & Bill's stone
is a Coneflower that I received in a Flower Swap
on Ravelry.

this Coneflower will spread
quicker than the ones we have in the front bed.
Let's hope for the best.
This is it's 1st year summer . . .
looks like none of it's buddies survived from last summer :o{

Coral Bells.
Who can forget my Coral Bells?

You can see they are right of the statue
that Diane gave me for Christmas in Logan.

I don't know if you can tell,
but both plants have flower stalks shooting out of them.

Those little hummers and butterflies will be
in hog heaven'
when these babies bloom ! ! ! ! !

It's time to go.
There's laundry to get done inside.

A trip to Hobby Lobby,
thanks Karen for telling me about the sale on

And then spend the rest of the evening dividing my
28 count
Antique White
Monaco cloth
into 1" x 1" squares.
I'm using a running stitch to do this.
Not sure what color yet.
That will be the hardest decision of the day.

Until later I will sign myself off as,
The Garden Photographer . . and One who Remembers Mother's Days from Long, Long Ago



  1. I love lilacs, too! All the way from childhood. Thanks for sharing those lovely garden pictures.

  2. Lilacs! I love them. I grew up in upstate NY to the age of 12 and just loved lilacs. we had pink and purple ones. they don't grow real well in the south. i have a small one in my back yard that my dad brought a few years ago from my sister's house in north collins. i noticed that only one stalk is growing, i fear i am losing it. :o( it has never flowered.

  3. Paula - I came upon this blog: http://morningsunrae.blogspot.com/2010/05/happy-may-day.html So yes, some still do the Maybasket thingie. :-) Sweet, isn't it?

    I'm trying to figure out the Snowflake thing. I do cross-stitch occasionally. I'm not sure I have the correct link.


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