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Thursday, April 29, 2010

I LOVE my PEEPERS ! ! ! ! !

Can you believe how
these readers are?

When I had my cataracts removed
and lens implants
I realized i would need reading glasses.
No problem-o
I think.
"Well, just you wait and see, Missy,"
must have been what the Gods of reading glasses were saying.
No matter where I looked for readers,
 they were
down right U-G-L-Y!
But I wanted to see to read, so I bought the least offensive.

Then I stumbled on the Original Peepers,
which come out of South Bend, Indiana,
real close to home.
They had the
readers I have ever sen . . .
Just had to buy the pair below.
Their name . . .
Fruit Striped Gum.
Go Figure . . LOLOLOLOL
When my brother, Lee,
1st saw them,
I was in Indiana and just showed up at his house,\
1st time I had been home in 2 years,
he had no idea I was coming.
And the 1st words out of his mouth were,
"What the hell are those?"
referring to the glasses.
I just stood there and laughed.

They finally wore thin and broke,
sure don't last as long as regular frames.
Bought the Spring Flowers frame next.
They are okay,
but I need the Fruit Stripes again.
They are just
SO ME ! ! ! ! !

I'm Just a Throwback To the'60's

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