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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Indy's Tail

Sounds like the beginning of a story, doesn't it? Hopefully, it will be a very short story.

Tuesday night Indy climbed up on Gene's lap, which she is prone to do some evenings . . . he is in the chair where she lays during the day, so she can "comfortably" look outside.

As his left hand went around her tail to get her into a position to sit where HE was comfortable, she let out a little yelp-ish whine. This was a first.

I called her over to me to see if there was something hurting her.  When I felt around the base of her tail, and about a hand's width down the tail, she did it again. When she walked away from me, her tail was hanging differently too. With a Shepherd Momma and Akita Daddy her tail is "bi-breed."  Her  daddy gave her a 360 degree curl to "wag" when she is happy. Momma gave her that tail down, shepherd tail when she is wondering what's going on. Now, it looked more like a fox's tail.

This is how Indy normally carries her tail.

Here she is showing off her "fox" tail this morning.
You might also notice one of the black spots on her tongue . .
another gift from her Daddy.

Didn't sleep well Tuesday night . . . I was worried since I have never had this problem with any of my pets. Indy was restless,  she couldn't lay normal. Poor baby . .  couldn't tell me anything.

Called and got her into the vet at 11 am. Dr. Cross checked her out:
Had she been playing with any other dogs? no.
Any problems with bowels moving? no
No recent trauma viewed on the outside of the tail.
No scabs, abrasions from earlier trauma.
Full colon . . maybe bowels.
Full anal sacs . . .needed expressed.

So, the glands got emptied, nowhere near the smell as it was when Paka had it done. And we went home with an antibiotic and steroid. is happens to some dogs. Dr. said that they don't know why this happens and for some reason the antibiotic/steroid combo helps. 

So now she takes 3 antibiotic "horse" pills and 2 normal steroids a day. Not long after the 1st set of pills and she was perking up. Later in the day, I asked her "where her tail was" and she raised it minutely and gave me a little wag. Normally, it will swing like crazy . . . so the rugs are taking affect.

Last night, she took a rawhide chew to bed and was so "more normal" that I could rest.

Today, she started to behave normally:
1. she saw Leona (our neighbor that she loves) in the backyard. She gave her a "hello" bark and a little more raised tail and wag. 
2. spent most of the morning looking out the window,

or napping, in her favorite chair and

3. playing in the kitchen.
So the drugs are working. Can't wait until I see that Akita curl and alert Shepherd tail instead of the Fox hanging, bushy tail.

One happy "Fur" Momma


  1. Oh no. I hope she feels better and better with each passing day. I hate it when our pets are sick. If they could only talk. UGH!
    Hugs to you and her! Karen

  2. Oh, I hope your baby will be well soon. I get sick myself if our Bentley is even just having an off day...I am a sorority sister....hope things get back to normal soon!

  3. Oh I hope your baby does feel better soon! Our pets are members of our family too.

    Hugs XX
    Moore Whimsies


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