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Monday, June 28, 2010

Anxiety Attack Sunday

I've seen people having anxiety attacks. Actually been involved with trying to sooth some having them.

Sure plays out differently when it is happening to yourself. I like being in control of my own life but when my brain decides it wants to play tricks . . I don't like that at all.

Never been claustrophobic . . . started feeling that about 3:00 am Saturday morning. Tried to cough up what ever was in my throat, and there was nothing there. When I tried to go back to bed I laid down and brain said, "not a good move" so I spent the rest of the night on the front-porch swing. The movement back and forth was soothing.

The rest f the day was pretty normal EXCEPT, I  couldn't sit by a car door without the window down . . . when It was rolled up I felt closed in . . . should have figured something was up.

Went to bed at 8:30 Sunday night . .dish was out, I was bored and sleepy, hence, the bed. Woke up at 11:30 for a potty break, went back up to bed, laid down and the brain says, "I don't think so!" and I immediately got up again and decided too go out on the front porch again. Opened the front door and was hit by massive amounts of humidity so that was out of the question.

Sat on the sofa for a minute or two and decided to go upstairs and get Gene up . . . something told me that I needed another person downstairs. He came down, kept asking what was wrong and with anxiety, you don't always know what's wrong but you sure as hell know what doesn't feel right. We ended up in the emergency room at DeGraff about midnight. bp, heart rate, oxygen levels were taken . . oh, and temp. Asked what was wrong, I explained it the best I could . . . can't lay down, can't sit still, knows something is going on inside my body but I can't ID it. registration secretary came in took all the important poop down . . by this time my mouth was so dry from mouth breathing . . when I tried breathing through my nose, it was congested and it scared me that it wasn't working. SO she got me a glass of ice water, and the wait for the Dr. proceeded.

I finally went out and got Gene from the lobby . . no reason he being there and me inside . . .by now I realize I have been sitting on the edge of the bed all evening, hands under thighs, rocking myself back and forth. Wished there would have been a rocking chair in there . . I could have gotten frequent flyer miles on it last night.

Finally I was given two .5mg tablets to swallow . . . .you know the saying, "A watched it never boils" Well, this pot was boiling . . . not hot, but still just as fidgety. Nurse came back in to do bp and draw some blood . . bp had dropped to 159/99! Didn't ask what it had started out as, but she said this was a good sign that it had dropped that much.

Dr. visits again, "How ya doing." Me, still feel the same." Dr to nurse "another round of pills."

SO, two more tiny things that looked like they could have been those old Saccharin sugar tablets. But . . .A.h.h.h.h.h. I could gradually relax. Found myself actually laying on the bed on my side, pillow under my head coming in and out of sleep.

Picked up the info they send home you one and went directly to bed, did not pass go, did not collect $200. 1st time in 3 nights I slept like a baby.

Called primary and head Dr to let them know. Head Dr. wanted to know if I wanted a script for the pill I got. My answer, "You betcha! I didn't like that feeling and want to get rid of it ASAP if it happens again.

Well, it started happening on the way back from Walgreen's so I popped a pill, and settled in for the evening. 

Now all I need is for someone to tell me why I am so anxious? I keep thinking over the last couple of weeks and can't pin-point it.

Some Drugs make Me Happy and Some Drugs Make me Happy and some Drugs Make me Happy
(possible side affect . . repeating oneself . . LOLOL)

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  1. Not a pleasant experience at all, hope you are calmer now. I personally find that just understanding what is happening helps a lot. Also knowing there are a few pills in the medicine cabinet seems to calm me down so well I don't even have to use them !
    Remember you are not alone, Gene and your animaals will keep you company.

  2. Not a nice feeling hpe you are getting back to normal by now. Personally I find just understanding helps and knowing there are pills in the medicine cabinet, even though I never take them. Remember you are not alone, Gene and fair babies are there for company when you need reassurance

  3. Oh sister I feel your pain. I had one of those 8 months ago and ended up in the ER and four days later went home with a 33,000.00 bill which insurance covered only 80% of. I'm still paying for that panic attack. Anxieties...not nice. My youngest son was killed last week and that God I have not had to go back there. God took hold of our hands and is leading us minute by minute into some semblance of sanity. My heart is broken but I know I will be alright again. Glad to be your new sister. Come visit.XXMollye

  4. Paula
    just now taking time to read some blogs!!! Sorry you had to go through the Anxiety Attach ... what was the magic pill????

  5. Oh man...hope you are feeling better! I can totally relate. Did they give you xanax for the panic attacks? I have them but only take them when I need to. It's nice to know they are just a few feet away. I keep them in my purse. My purse is my damn drug store....lol. Seriously.


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