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Friday, July 2, 2010

Charm Choices for Kathy

Our outgoing email does not go out . . Verizon's help sucks so am planning on changing providers. But, until then, I shall communicate visually this way.


I copied the charms that I thought could be used in a Fall Theme. I also wrote down a small explanation if what they looked like.

Hope this helps.

A.   Tree
B.    Maple Leaf
C.    Leaf/two sided pattern

D.   Silver Apple
E.    Enamel on one side/silver back
F.    Squirrel

G.   Star with in a Star/
Outside star has a texture on the front
H.   Gold Pumpkin, 2 dimensional/no design on back
Top: moon wedge, face on both sides
Bottom: design on front only

Top: gold, 2-D, heart and star cut outs
K.  Sun and moon, 2-D, design on both sides
Top: Moon & Star, flat back
Bottom: Silver, 2-D, stars and moon design cut into charm
Bottom: cherub sleeping on moon, back is flat.

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  1. Kathy's choices . . A, B, I & K . . . .with fall-ish beads . . wine charms


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