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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I want to write more about the panic attack . . . but the strange thing is that talking about it makes me somewhat anxious, and it is getting closer to bedtime and last night was rough getting to sleep so I don't want any more stress added to the psyche.

A certain friend from home asked what the magic pill was that I got in the ER. When it was decided that I wasn't having a problem with diabetes . . . which I don't have, and hoped it hadn't start . . .
they gave me two Ativan (.5 mg each). Didn't do much so I got a repeat . . and sleep was eminent :0}

Called primary care "head" doctor. Primary appt. tomorrow and "head" dr. wrote put a script for Lorazepam (generic Adivan). Took one of them before going to sleep Monday night . . . .helped.

Didn't take anything last  night . . kinda had to convince myself to go to sleep . . woke up at 4:30 and new I was up for the day . . . MAN, the brain is a pain in the ass when it acts up.

Ended up taking a shower and washing hair around 5:30 . . . and the closeness in the shower started to get to me . . . I DON'T WANT TO BECOME A CLAUSTROPHOBIC, repeat, I DON'T WANT TO BE A CLAUSTROPHOBIC . . . so I added Klonepin to the morning "head" and body meds. I have had that for "anxiety" since I was teaching . . . took it many a day then so I could tolerate many aspects of the day that I couldn't control.

Ended up sleeping most of the morning and actually have felt better today than I have for quite a while.

But, like I said, talking about it and evening coming are changing that.

So, for now, back to TV and then will see what lying down in bed will bring.

This Brain Stuff Sure SUCKS!! ! ! !


  1. Hang in there friend .... work on your breathing ... slow in ... slow out... close your eyes in shower .... and breathe.

  2. Oh, so sorry to hear!!! Thinking about ya. Maybe entering the laceshawl giveaway will help? :-)

  3. The anxiety issues are very hard but can be helped. Don't get concerned. You will sleep again and feel relaxed.


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