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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Clay's Wedding

And a Good Time was had by all!
everyone had aa good time.
I sure did.
We left for Indiana
on Thursday,
Aug 26th,
at 8:00 am.
Arrived in Logan
about 4:50 pm.
Left Logan at 9:00 am today
and got into Tonawanda
at 5:30 pm.
Talk about a whirlwind
6 days.
Let's see:
Thursday was travel
and eat out with
Joyce and
"the sisters."

Friday was hair cut,
quick visit with
Lee & Cindy,
check out beautician's
new house
and the rest if the town.
Indy to the Puppy Motel
by 8:00 . . .
discovered they open
at 8:30 on Sat.
Went to the other side of town to:
fill the car with gas,
 bought Gene breakfast,
back to let Indy's 2-day vacation start 
10:00 am drove to Kristi's in Indy,
5:00 pm
left for Wedding Rehearsal Dinner 
which was at 6:00 . . . I think.
Sunday was wedding day . . .5:30 pm.
Sat around,
visited with Kristi's in-laws
left for downtown Indy
around 4:00 . . .
pix's were set for 4:30, I think.
Got home around 11:00 pm . . .
Beautiful wedding
and reception.
Ended up wiping out
on the stairs . . 
nice bruise on right forearm,
left knee 
woke me up 
in the middle of the night 
which led to an ice bag, ibuprofen
and the rest of the night
on the downstairs sofa, 
sore left shin
and top of left foot.
I swear,
all I need to do is breathe
and I am likely to fall.
One of these days 
I'll break something.
woke up early, 
startd for Logan
arrived thee at 11:00 am.
Picked up Indy immediately,
At 5:00
stopped to see 
Amanda, Kevin and Tyler.
Amanda  was gone
but had a great visit
with Tyler, Kevin and Tyler's friend.
6:00m pm,
supper at the Gaumer's
home by 8:30 exhausted.

woke up and spent time
with Joyyce before
she left for work,
left Logan at 9:00 am,
got home in 8.5 hours 
after stopping by Subway
to pick up supper. 
I'm lying here
trying to decide if I should REALLY
stay up. 
Don't think so!
I hear the bed calling my name. 


  1. Sounds like a fabulous trip. Weddings are so special.

  2. I know you're a soda person, but the cup was just matching those reds & greens I was going for. I thought it might make a nice decoration. ;-) I do have a World Market here, yes. :-)

  3. So glad you're home! Missed you! That bites that you fell and hurt yourself. But that makes two of us. I busted my butt a week ago last Saturday in the bathroom. Didn't break anything but my back took the brunt of it and have made 5 chiropractor trips since. :o( We don't heal as quickly anymore do we? grrrrr...this growing old crap is for the birds! Hope you feel better!!


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