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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Miss Nuriel

I have been waiting to post this picture for the longest time. Well, I just took it today because I had left all of the items that my friend Miss Cadi, from Chocolate Fishies, sent me. I wanted to reuse the box and paper for her Miss Nuriel.

Notice the holes in the cup on the book?
This goes inside the cup with the handle.
Place tea leaves in the little cup, replace the lid and let the teas steep.
What an awesome idea!
LOVE the dishtowel and potholders,
have used the Crochet book,
will put the spatulas to good use
and the candle will be placed in a drawer
for its "smell" is delicious.

Now, Miss Nuriel was supposed to be Mr. Nuriel. So I was going to wrap all of "his" treasures in the same tissue paper and then pack them in the same box. I thought that would be pretty cool.

Well, Mr. Nuriel surprised his mother and was born a girl. So Miss Nuriel needed some items that were girly.

So, I have wrapped up all of Mr. Nuriel's treasures in the paper "his" momma used and Miss Nuriel's are wrapped in plain white paper. I figured Miss Nuriel might be able to wear something that was meant for her when she was a him. And if not, I know her mommy, Miss  Cadi, will find someone who will be able to use them.

Just a TAD overflowing.
Must have been those wash clothes on the top
that haven't been wrapped yet.
Do ya think?
I'm figuring that I might have to tape the  box extra secure so the top will stay down. Well, as you can see from this pix, I did a major mis-calculation. So, a trip to the PO is in order for a bigger box. Then, the treasures will be on their way to the Lil' Bean.

My Heart Is In he Right Place, I Just Move REAL S-L-O-W ! ! !


  1. Dear Auntie Paula,

    So sorry. I did wanna trick my mama a bit with being a girl, but my intention was never for you to have to make stuff for a boy AND a girl. I'm sure I will love the box.

    Much love,
    Nuriel aka cutie patootie projectile poopie

  2. Awww, that's so cute. I do the same thing and end up needing a bigger box. (Sigh..) :P Love all your goodies. The cup is neat. If I have any loose tea leaves, I usually just put them right into the pot and use a strainer spoon. :) Hmmm... Now I want some tea. :P


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