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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New taste Sensation, Frozen Oreos

I have discovered a new taste sensation. 

You know how scientists/inventors may be trying for one thing and end up with something else just as viable? I think my favorite, and this may be an urban myth, but I am pretty sure it happened . . a scientist was working on a "recipe" for hand lotion, or something similar to that. It wasn't coming out exactly right . . it had the properties they wanted  but wasn't quite 100% on. Somehow, this liquid got spilled on the floor. It did a wonderful job or removing the wax on the floor . . . . maybe it was nail polish remover . . . it has been a long time since I taught science.

Anyway . . . what they were trying for became something else . . a user friendly floor wax remover that was gentle on the hands . . . what woman wouldn't have wanted that?

But, I digress . . . . the husband brought home cookies from Walgreen's. (He does cigarette runs almost every morning and I never now what he will bring home that he found on sale.) They were their version of Double Stuff Oreos. 

I am not a a big fan of the DS Oreos, but I do like the regular ones. The Walgreen version . . . I like them.

A week, or so, ago, it was quite humid. The Oreos had been opened and were getting that "soft" feeling. Still tasted fine, but the cookie part wasn't crunchy as it should be. I threw them into the freeze hoping that it would "re-crunch" them. To my surprise, they were awfully good. The stuffing in the center was very hard . . it was bite-able, but very firm. 

I had discovered a new way to eat Oreos . . FROZEN ! ! ! ! There is just something about biting and chewing something hard that I enjoy and these cookies are now in that group.

Up at 6:45 am and Eating Frozen Oreos


  1. Hahahhaha, "Up at 6:45am and eating frozen Oreos."

    Nice to meet you!
    Exceedingly Likely to Follow Your Lead and Try Frozen Oreos (and nothing beats cookies for breakfast)

  2. Cookies for breakfast??? No way! :-)

  3. P.S. - I like how you have that science intro that makes it sound like eating frozen Oreos for breakfast is legit & scientific! :-)


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