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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bon Voyage

Sitting here, drinking a Coke out of my favorite snowflake glass . . . which means winter must be right around the corner . . and I mean that literally. In the Western New York area today we had light rain here and someplace they has snow flurries.

HOT DAMN! Welcome to the Land of Butt High Snow ! ! ! !

But, not to worry, my little prize winners. I made it to the post office around noon and got everything mailed out . . even the items going to India and Australia . . and, yes, that was India . . NOT Indiana . .LOLOL  I wonder how long it will take Barb and Rachana to receive theirs. (Hope you two let me know when the envelopes get there . . .my curiosity is killing me. Well, not really killing but I am anxious to see how long it  takes.)

Oh, I forgot to tell you . . . I sold two of my hand made items on Etsy! A lady bought my Banana Curl sock hat and the Loopy hat that I made at the same time. These are the first actual items I have sold . . usually I only put patterns up for sale. Now, if I could sell a couple of the Baby Sleeping bags I made I would be able to pay for my resurgence of wanting to do Cross-Stitch . . . notice the name change to the blog.

I am getting this burning sensation in my belly (and no, it isn't gas, you smart alacks!) to create and make samplers. I have always found it quite gratifying to make the samplers I have made and I hope I can achieve that same serenity again.

Until Later, I Am,
The Crochet and Cross Stitch Pattern Slut


  1. Thank you again, Paula. I can't wait to get my hotpad in the mail. :D Congratulations on the Etsy sales. I remember how excited I was when someone bought one of my patterns. I think that actually the only time, lol. Oh well. Stay warm!

  2. So, you've come to the dark side and decided to collect cross stitch patterns too. Well, GOOD for you! I'm glad you came over - we have awesome cookies over here!

    Have a wonderful weekend - Denise


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