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Friday, October 22, 2010

Mitten Silverware Caddy

Guess what I "whipped up" today?

Yep, a Silverware Caddy for Christmas. I wanted to make a sock, but those heals kill me . . will be working  on  that either tonight or tomorrow and see if I can make what my mind is seeing.

I had made mittens before and figured I could shrink them to the size I wanted. Then, it took me three tries to get them where I am happy with them . . . not ecstatic, mind you, but  happy. I think the thumb should be a little longer. The cuff looks a little wide, so I don't know if I will work at making the hand longer and the cuff shorter, or what.

Anyway, if you crochet and think you would like this pattern, it is available ( for $2.00) on Ravelry. Just click this link, buy now, and you will be sent there.

Damned, I'm At it Again . . Making More Crochet Patterns

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  1. I saw some really cute snowman and I think there was a Santa one, at Cracker Barrel last weekend. I thought "I could do that..." (We don't have a Cracker Barrel here, so I will have to wing it, but..) Cute!!! You come up with the cutest things. :)


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