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Monday, October 11, 2010

Don't Forget

In my
Click on the words,
"click on this link"
so you can fill out the form.

I designed the form
so you,
the follower,
do all the work.

All I have to do,
well, really it should read,
"All the hubby will have to do"
is draw numbers 
and match them
with the info on the list.

Every time you enter,
your entry information will be placed
on a separate line;
each line has a number
so I will make
numbered pieces of paper
to go with 
the number of people 
who sign up.

If your name,
and info,
are not on the form,
you won't be in the drawing.

I would hate to think
of that happening
to any of you.

If you forgot
to complete the form on Monday,
do 2 on Wednesday . . . 
I'll forgive you this one error :0}

Now, let the Games Begin Again :0}

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