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Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Hubby, The Sports Celebrity

A month or so ago we got a new paper boy . . . well, really a paper man.  He is gray haired but I had no idea how old he  actually was.

Today, I as at the back of the drive way by the back gate with Indy, who was on "potty detail" and Gene was at the front of the driveway. I hear a,"Mr. Tooke? Mr. Tooke? Gene?"

I turned around to see Gene talking to the paper "boy." Both were laughing. I heard something about "celebrity" but didn't know what it was about.

Indy and I ended up on the front porch . .me on the swing with crochet yarn and hook . . . she standing by the gate, looking up and down the street barking at, and wagging her tail, at any human or animal he sees.

When the hubby come up with us, he has, what Mom would call, a "shit ass grin" on his face. Dad had that look, my brother has it, the hubby has it and I have seen it on  lot of other men's faces so I am sure all of you know that look.

So, "Okay, husband, what' so funny."

Here's the story:
The paper "boy" told the husband that he had our name on his collection tickets as "The Sport Celebrity." He remembers the husband from HIGH SCHOOL when he played football and baseball. He went to another high school who played the local team. He said they called the husband the "Little Bull" for the way he would just run through anything like a bull.

Then he tells him he remembered him from baseball. As they talked, hubby discovered the paper "boy" is 2 years older than him. He asked hubs how the rest of his high school football career went. 

Poor hubby . . . he broke his ankle at the end of that game . . . didn't know it, walked home from the high school with no problem . . .gt out of bed the next day and fell flat on his face . . . couldn't use that leg for any support at all. He ended up with a cast and crutches for the remainder of the school year . . . well, maybe a couple weeks without them.

So now, I tell the husband that I live with a star and that he better not get a big head about because I am younger and would have to "take him out."


This All Happened 50 Years ago (+/-)

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  1. Nothing like the past coming back to haunt you! The paper "boy" is older than you! So, does that make you a young chick?



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