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Monday, November 29, 2010

Candy Cane and Egg Nog Wine Bags

I have posted the pattern for these wine bags on my pattern Blog, The Fur~Babies Momma. Just click the words "wine bags" above and you will find them.

Candy Cane on the left and Egg Nog on the right.


  1. They're beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing the patterns.

    The photo is also gorgeous. (I always appreciate a good looking photo...)

  2. Very nicely done! You are a peach for sharing. They are a perfect gift and also look fantastic on the table!

  3. Hi paula
    how are you doing dear .
    i have opened up your beautiful giveaway packet today. woooooooow the potholder look and feel too , lovely , and i loved the post card of your place and Niagra falls , how much i want to visit there.
    you have been a sweetheart . thank you for the gift . i have written a whole post about the giveaway , i have to , its my first ever win .
    your wine bottle holders are beautiful ,
    i am specially liking the monkeys.
    it seems you are busy making lots of goodies .
    thank you


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