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Friday, November 12, 2010

Ever Have One of Those Days

Ever have one of those days when things just weren't right. Something deep in the right orb of the brain keeps going . . "Man, what's up with this B-L-A-H feeling?"

Woke up and was thinking seriously about coming downstairs when I heard the husband yell for me to get up and come down for breakfast. (He was hungry for a BK breakfast so i t was a sausage croissant and hash rounds for me.) I had fallen back to sleep and had a quick dream that was one of those deep sleep dreams that was like a three act play but it was only about 5 minutes long. I think I've been trying to figure out how all those people got into the same dream at the same time . . .no connection between them at all . . but the dream made sense at the time.

I need to get the living room cleaned up. We bought a sofa and love seat . . .both with recliners int hem, and they had to be ordered so I have a few more days to get the living room ready for them. I can't wait. The sofa we have is so uncomfortable . . . no matter where you sit you sink down . . and the back cushions have been worthless since almost the time we moved. Right now, there is only one back cushion on the thing. If it didn't have arms that were as high as they are, so I can use them as a back, I would be lost. The hubby's chair is the same. So, keep your fingers crossed that the new one is all I hope they will be.

Poorer in Pocket but Hopefully, Soon to be Pain Free Body


  1. I've had a lot of those days lately. Wish they'd high tail it outa here!

    Lucky you!! I have been wanting something along that line for a while. I haven't bought new furniture in years. One of these days. sigh...

    Have a great weekend Paula! xoxo

  2. hey....what is the site where you can get eyes and such for amigurumi dolls? I saw it somewhere on here the other day, wrote it down and now it's gone. Wasn't it something like 6060? I put that in but it didn't come up with stuff for dolls. Then I googled it and still can't find it. :O(

  3. Yes. I have had weird days.. And weird dreams too. About a green, fluffy cat that my sister didn't want anymore; she wanted to know if I would take it~ and I wanted to name it the Mint Green Cat. I have NO idea where that dream came from. :P (That's just the weirdest dream I've had lately..) I hope your new recliner love seat sofa helps your back. We have one, it's so old. But still (somewhat) comfy.

  4. I even blogged about it!: http://timelesscreations.blogspot.com/search?q=mint+green How weird... I forgot the part about the litter box.. :P


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