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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gray Saturday

I figure if Friday was Black Friday then today must be "Gray Saturday."

The husband and I, along with Indy, did our 1st Christmas shopping of the year today. Stopped out at our favorite winery, Marjim Manor to stock up on several Christmas Gifts.  I just found my 2nd and 3rd favorite wines there.

#2 is Shubel's Sunset . . . .With its deep rose color, this sweet, grapy wine starts crisp and ends tart.  It has a kind of grapefruity tast . . I asked them if I  could drink it for breaklfast instead of eating a grapefruit. They said, "It works for us."

#3 is Cherry  Cordial . . . Its bright cherry color and subtle aroma are hints to the complexity of this wine. Its richness includes a hint of spice and oak, yet a smooth butteriness. The cherry taste is the piece de resistance at the end.

In case you wonder, my #1 favorite is Cranberry Crescendo . . . Like cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving, this wine has a comforting feel. Sweet without being overbearing, the cranberry flavors grow subtly, but steadily. I could sit down and drink a whole bottle of this . . Y-U-M-M-O as Rachel Ray says.

If you like fruit and blush wines (that's what I like and I am positive their dry and red wines are just as good) , check out their site . . . they mail! ! ! ! ! !


  1. Interesting wines...I like a good deep red, personally, but I'd be down with trying one of these...I'll check with our wine person here in town and see if we can get some (~: I'm in charge of the drinks for Christmas dinner...I wonder which one goes with Pizza?

  2. Sounds yummy. I don't like wine to drink but, love it in my spaghetti sauce. I cuurently use blackberry wine.

    This might be an idea for another sauce though.

    Love the new background!
    Smiles - Denise

  3. In German to be blue = to be drunk. Sounds more like a blue Saturday. ;-)

  4. I was wondering what the Saturday after Black Friday was called. ;P Now there is "Cyber Monday"?? (I can't keep up..) I don't like wine (unless I mix it with 7-up), it gives me a headache every time. But the Cherry Cordial does sound yummy. :)


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