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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wine and Pizza

Kathy . . . . My vote is Cranberry wine with pizza . . . makes it so festive!
LMAO@those two tastes together!

But, I do keep thinking about that Cherry Cordial poured over a good vanilla bean ice cream . . or served with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, whipped topping and a maraschino cherry.

Speaking of Cherry Cordial . . have you tasted the Cherry Cordial M & M's? They smell like, then actually taste like, chocolate covered cherries.

Dad always sent chocolate covered cherries to Aunt Ruth, his sister. She really liked them. After he died, I have sent them to her every year. When we moved here, one of the candy shops makes milk and dark chocolate covered cherries so I send these to her.

She has been in a nursing home fr a broke femur . . cast from toes to hip . . . so I am thinking about sending both the M & M's and some of the dark chocolate covered cherries from Platters to her for Christmas.

Does anyone know if the perfume PASSION has a candle or some sort of aroma item in that smell? This is another favorite of Aunt Ruth's and I thought she would enjoy smelling it to mask the nursing home smell.

Working on Sock Monkeys for 8 friends who have cats. The pattern is from Red Heart (free.) When I am stuffing the chest cavity I add some catnip and attach a bell with yarn . . . I am always afraid a cat is going to get the bell out and swallow it.  Yesterday I tried making one with a Magic Circle of 6 for the feet instead of 4 . . . .Have you ever seen a King Kong Sock Monkey Wait until I post his pix . . . he is HUGE!

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  1. Sock monkeys and wine bottle covers. Sounds sort of ummm, well, kinky. What are you doing over there by the Falls girl? Doesn't sound much like Christmas!

    Smiles - Denise


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