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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hello Denise . . and fellow Cross Stitchers

Here is my 1st Cross Stitch in almost 10 years . . if not more. (For those of you who don't remember . . I am VERY Near sighted and my eyes finally gave up when it came to cross stitch . . I was one of those who only liked to do 22 count or smaller . . . then 2 years ago I had cataracts taken out and lens implants and this past summer was FINALLY able to see, with Mag-Eyes, well enough to Cross stitch again.)

I always seem to have an idea floating somewhere around in my head. Not bad in the daytime but I always seem to get them after I go to bed . . and lie there for an hour or more . . .my brain feeling like the scene in The Wizard of Oz with the flying monkeys . . everything just whirling around.

Then when I get up in the morning, I normally start on whatever was whirling around the most.

So, here is my 1st cross stitching,
which also is my own pattern . . .
at least I have never seen it before . .
then again,
I've been out of the
Cross Stitch Loop for quite a while.
Hopefully you can tell this is the front :0}

And this is the back.
Blackwork is hard to do
without dragging some thread :0{

I'm posting the back because I teased Denise about showing the back of one she did so I could see how good she really is . . and she is GOOD.

I had a friend in the custom framing business and you should have seen some of the backs of the projects some people brought in! It was a shame that they put time into something that would frame with lumps and bumps from the hills, valleys and ridges on the backs.

Now, I need to go and get back with my catnip apples. I need to make 2 more stems and those and one that is "stemmed" already. Then, will see if I have some time to make more before I mail them to the Wyoming County (NY) SPCA.

We have an SPCA in our county, but this one seems to get inundated with cats and does not have a very good source of income. SO, when I make something I think they can sell at  their shop in one of our malls (which the mall donates to them), I make something. I also donate all of the money I make on the patterns and crafts I sell on eBay, Etsy and Ravelry to them. During the months of September and October I made $55.12 which isn't a whole lot. But, when added together with more "not a whole lots" it can amount too a lot of help for some abandoned, neglected "fur babies."

I Create for Fur Babies!


  1. You just made me tear up! I'm still feeling so guilty about Max. I'm to the point I'm ready to go back to the shelter and get him. And you are donating to the furbabies all the time. Hugs to you!!!
    Now about you and cross stitch! Are you trying to make us all look bad??? Your first cross stitch in years and you go and design your own pattern of blackwork??? Hells Bells woman -- and your back is pretty darn good too!!
    Smiles - Denise

  2. That's very nice! I hear ya on the not being able to see. I'm having a hard time with not seeing some things also lately, even with the readers on. Have I said this before?>>>> I HATE GETTING OLD!!!! And I'm not very good at cross stitching myself with the lumps and bumps. I know there's a method to it so you don't get them but I'll just leave the cross stitching to those who have the patience. :O) xoxo


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