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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

For Kat and Sara . . . and anyone else too

Thanks for the Give-Away input.

Kat ~ I am sure I can make the dishcloth/washcloth. I shall start charting my design this evening or tomorrow.

Sara ~ I looked up a lot of amugarumi (sp) for my catnip toys . . and I decided I don't like the changing of colors . . and I saw some cute turkeys. I think I have a bad case of the lazies. But, I did think about making a sock hat.  Something with lots of different colors . . . what I call a Joseph's Coat hat.

Hum . . . maybe a Mini X-Stitch Christmas Sampler. Will have to see what I can figure out . . . Looks like no rest for the weary here in Western New York


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yes ma'am Yaya is Greek for Grandmother, Not that I am Greek I am not, I just love the name, and love researching the New Testament in the original Greek.


  2. Lazy you are not!!! I can testify to that. :o) It's no wonder you are weary dear........me thinks you are non-stop.

  3. You asked about Christmas puddings, they are very rich fruit desert, they are made with loads of dried fruit always soaked in loads of booze, full of nuts and suet, sounds very heavy which they are, only ever needs a very small amount, the are not sweet to the taste but once you add brandy sauce or cream they taste wonderful. In our house we always heat them and eat the at tea time, they are too heavy to be eaten after our Christmad dinner, the best way to have your puddings is to make one this year and keep it on the shelf until next year, my dear mum would always make us a pudding each (mine without nuts, I can't eat nuts) so always we had a white pudding basin on the top shelf or our larder with a gingham top on waiting and promising a great pudding for christmas. if you would like a recipe. please e-mail at marlenejjones@googlemail.com. I don't make puddings but I will get the recipe from my sister


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