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Thursday, November 18, 2010

My New End Table

It came today. I have to call it THE ULTIMATE  NEEDLE WORKS CADDY. Check this out.

This photo doesn't show it but there is a lid built into it . . .strong enough to hood every remote, a telephone, s bottle or can of pop . . .EVERYTHING a needle worker keeps close by their official needle working spot.

I had found It at Joann.com.It cost $49.99 so, of course, I visited mt local Joann's, Michael's and AC Moore/ NOTHING even close.

Then, last weekend I saw it on sale for $29.99. I figured, "What the heck!"

We had bought a new sofa and love seat for the living room and i DEARLY needed to get "my shit together." I want the living room to look nice, not the yarn/thread receptacle it looks like now. If this was what I hoped, it could fit at the end of either piece of furniture and help me hide stuff.

It came today. Tall, thin package . . .I know the husband wondered what I had gotten on eBay this time.  I shocked him when I took it out and put it together . . . he was looking at me the whole time and I know he wanted to  get his hands on it to put it together . . . it was SO EASY . . and, everything fit perfect!

Then, THE BEST NEWS . . . .EVERYTHING I had laying around fit perfectly in it. Yes, thee gods were smiling down on me.

So, it looks like I might get my wish of a well kept living room . . .now, to find something that will keep the dining room -picked up?


  1. Awesome find!! Thinking of getting one myself because I need to get my crap together too in our living room. are there any other colors available?

  2. What a great idea. Also, it looks like you could easily pick it up and move it to another room if you wanted to.

  3. Cool deal and on sale! Not sure I would do the can of soda though. My luck - ploosh - right into the center soaking everything. I can be graceful at times.

    My dining room table is not pretty today. I went shopping yesterday and it's stacked and packed. Sigh - will be cleaning that up and making napkins today instead of stitching.

    Smiles - Denise

  4. :o) Hooray for you!! I need one of those I think. As for the dining room....a sideboard???


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