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Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm Thrilled

I received and email from Janice st the Wyoming County (NY) SPCA. They received my box with the catnip toys . . apples, pumpkins and gourds . . . and sold all of them almost as soon as they came in for $5.00 apiece. I was THRILLED!

I have made a couple of cupcakes, from red Heats 12 Weeks of Christmas, and a couple of hearts . . figured I'd start on Valentines Day.

Then today, I got real courageous, for me. I decided to make the sock monkey from Red Hearts 12 Weeks. I figured a size F hook and a 6 sc Magic Loop would make me all thumbs. It almost did, but I persevered. Glad I did. I ended up making two. Would have made 3 but ran out of I Love This Cotton which works GREAT.

Had a BUNCH of time left so I started on the Light Bulb ornament fr Fave Crafts . . .ended up with  of them. To end the crochet day, I did the ornament that is pictured with the light bulb. They are both adorable.

Sometime next week I shall mail this months catnip toys. I hope they do as well as the last bunch.

I also think I will be making Sock Monkeys for all of the cats I know.

I'll post pictures before I mail them.

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  1. You have been very busy Paula. A round of applause for helping out the SPCA!


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