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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Furniture and Craft Basket

Here are pictures of the new living room furniture AND the craft basket. The basket looks a little darker in the pictures . . .and the room looks SO MUCH MESSIER!  LOLOL

The pictures start looking west, out onto the front porch and move clockwise . . . . or, follow Indy's tail :"0}

Poor husband . . paying bills on such a nice, sunny day.

WHEW! You can't see my dirty windows...can you?

Footlocker under the window is going to get moved.
Longaberger Flag Basket houses cross stitch projects.

This basket is SO PACKED right now.
I am thinking of moving the sofa down over the un-used register
so I can sit in the corner with the basket by the wall.

Edited after Denise's comment . . .well, duh on my part . . if I rearrange I will have room for the footlocker right where it is. It is so nice to have thinking friends. And, yes . . you may sleep on it any time you want. I NEVER take naps and I have napped each day since I have been using it.

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  1. If you do put your basket in the corner then you might not have to move the foot locker. All of your crafts could be within arms reach!

    Your living room looks comfy! Can I come take a nap on your couch?

    Smiles - Denise


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