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Monday, November 15, 2010


It seems like I have patterns everywhere. Some are scattered on this blog, while others are in my Etsy shop or in my pattern store in Ravelry.

So, today, I started another blog. I transferred the patterns I had on this blog to the new one. Then, i went into my Ravelry shop and MAN, was I ever amazed at how many  patterns I actually have.

To make my "organizing" easier, I hope, I named the posts for the patter n and added the tags. I did so many that I had to write in some of those scrambled letters below the last three posts so that Blogger would take it. I guess this is customary when one 'posts' to many posts at one time.

After the crochet patterns are posted, I will need to post the cross stitch patterns I have finished.

When I get all of the patterns posted . . and the links needed for those that are for sale . . . I will need to make myself a "button" for that blog. Then, and only then, I will post the new blog and the button.

Now, doesn't that last sentence sound official. I wonder if I will be able to wait that long?

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  1. Good for you!! I am not organized that way either. I have a gazillion patterns printed out at home that part of them, maybe half, are divied up into categories. I need to go back through them with the rest I have and see if I can organize them. When I try a pattern that is messed up or just doesn't work for me I throw it away.


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