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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thanks Kat


Now you are making me thing that I should look through all of the patterns I have saved in MS WORD and make a BLOG for them.

Let's see what my mind is thinking:
  1. MUST include pictures
  2. post picture of what I have made . . if I have made the pattern
  3. post original pattern if I haven't made it
  4.  write comments if I have made it
  5. link picture and name of pattern to web page

Is there anything else I need to add, Miss Kat? Ask Mr. Lick Lick just in case he has any ideas.

Why Must I Think of Things To Create More Work for Myself?


  1. Good luck with the organizing and new blog! Also, I love the Thanksgiving banner. And I have added a 3rd option for entry into the giveaway. You can share it on your blog or facebook or twitter. But you can also wait til the end of the week and do a blog post about them all. heehee

    Good luck!

  2. I have this gigantic folder of random patterns on my computer and a specific file for links to various patterns and blogs. I've begun to just try to get every one of them into my Ravelry faves so I can eliminate all the cyber bulk.

    Honestly, what I'd love to do is print each one onto cardstock and put them in binders, but I fear they would take up an entire room since I have almost 1000 faves on Ravelry already!


  3. I think you're doing a fabulous job Paula! :o)Brown stuff happens.... ;O)


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