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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Project Pictures

Did I show you this one yesterday? I made it for my 6mo+ neighbor, Aiden. I am SO HAPPY to have him so I can try out what I am thinking baby-wise. I was going to wait until closer to Christmas but when I was taking the pictures (that is my neighbor's porch in the background) his Momma came out and I just had to take it to her. We both laughed at how cute it turned out.

Here are two that I made out of scraps earlier and not sure if I posted them either?

By the way,
last night's Flying Monkeys
was the idea for
"C" is for Christmas.
I woke up at 9:00
and after washing and dressing
I was on the computer putting it on paper.

It worked out pretty good.
off to the Dollar  Tree
to find small frames
for showing off the
finished projects.
(And, no,
"C" is for Christmas
isn't done.
The pattern is just lying on the desk next to me.)

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  1. They're all cute. I haven't done much crocheting at all lately. I've been making cards... I love the Dollar store. I need to get a frame for a picture there, too. I went in just to look around yesterday, though; and spent $11. (And forgot to get the picture frame..) :/ It's too dangerous going in there: "It's only a dollar" :P


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