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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

How PERFECT is this for those cold nights in the basement playing on the computer

2 in Blaze Orange, my FAVORITE color.

Mine is a short one with the same blue and snowflakes.
Can you believe this? A raincoat in "orange zest." SO perfect!

Make this white and it is close to looking like mine.

Add 2 pair of slippers,
1 pair of slip ons
and one pair I won't step out of . . . 
(you  know how clumsy I am
tripping over a pencil line
on a sheet of paper
is even easy for me),
and more socks.
What a great Christmas morning . . . 
and, to top this all off
I actually found thee husband
everything he wanted!
Had to fib to him
and say the stores were sold out . . . 
that's how we elves run . . . 
make them think no 
when, in actuality  it is yes,


  1. Sounds like you are having a great day! Have fun!

  2. Hi Paula,
    Love the raincoat. Just the sort of thing I would wear. I have one in boring navy, practical, i wear mine most days. best wishes Jayne x

  3. Some pretty good loot looks like! Merry Christmas and hope your new year is wonderful!


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