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Sunday, December 26, 2010

So glad we bought thee reclining sofa and love-seat living room suit. I'll tell you, reclining in my chosen spot while wearing my NEW Blaze Orange Hoodie uniform heather gray sweats and new slippers I am so comfy . . . too bad the Bills are losing to the Patriots . . my nice, peaceful, crocheting Sunday afternoon is being disturbed by the husband's irritation at the players and officials. I would go downstairs to the PC and work but I'm to comfy for that.

Yesterday afternoon, I start on next year's Christmas. Then, after talking to my niece, Lauren, I started crocheting a scarf for her. I really like how it is looking . . . it's bright and should look good the way she wants to wear it . . . you know the "new way" of folding them in half and pulling the ends through the loops Is . . but, we will see. I figure it should be finished by Tuesday . . maybe Wednesday. Then, "whip up a hat" and mail them off to her. I want her to have them before school start.

Indy is pretty pooped today. I guess the excitement of finding a new toy (an over sized stuffed puppy) under our "Christmas Dresser" and then eating her 1st beef bone (a rib from our prime rib) has worn her out.

I do need to make it downstairs sometime today. Clara (from Clara's Crochet Closet) has given me the information to make a new blog button . . THANK YOU CLARA! . . . and I have sold a pattern on eBay (FINALLY) and if they have paid  for it, I need to send it. THEN, I have to get my SCROLLING MARQUEE for Give~Aways on other blogs figured out. The one above it works . . for my favorite craft blogs, but this one won't. Go figr'.

Maybe I'll go down now so the husband can go down there after the game.

Oh, have you seen the new Pepsi/Coke commercial (where the deliverymen talk to each other) where the competition for displays ends with Snoop Dogg coming out of the top, of the display, and performing. Pretty neat., of the display

Must go for now.

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  1. Paula, I think that your excitement over the Christmas holidays is absolutely amazing and inspiring to everyone. You really love it and it shows. I can't wait to see if you are the same for other holidays and I have the feeling you are! So, it's Valentine's Day next, right? Wonder what you will be up to for that...I'll be watching.

  2. Forgot to say...congrats on selling a pattern, well done!


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