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Thursday, December 2, 2010


Okay, so I see a cowl at Scotty's Place. I really liked the way Pammy Sue made hers. So, I track the pattern down, LOL@ tracking . . . she has the link there.

Can  I follow the pattern . . of course not. Do I have to deviate so much that it is a totally different pattern? Probably will be.

Is this how designers of clothes do it? They all see something that they like and then when they start making theirs and it is a totally different

 I think Pammy Sue's looks so much better than mine . . but, with that said, I like the colors I'm using AND, living in the "land of butt high snow" I wanted mine to be a heavier weight.

Here in Western New York, we get snow . . .usually, like this Lake Effect Snow, that has dumped 20" (+/-) yesterday and today, it hits the Southtowns when it comes off Lake Erie. If it happens to take a turn north, then we may get some.

I'm sitting here where, if I go too the window, I might get a glimpse of a few front porch roofs with some snow on them, but not a flake on the ground . . . so we can count ourselves lucky that we didn't get it this time.

Tomorrow I need to go to UB to get part of a molar filling removed and refilled, at their School of Dentistry. It is a filling that was put in in 2009 at the school and the dentist in charge is trying to figure out how it broke in a place that isn't used in the biting or chewing process. BUT, the good news is . . .NO DAM this time so no pix of me looking like WC Field talking out of the side of his mouth.

Need to log off . . . i think the husband has a horrible urge to talk and I really should listen . . . LOLOL


  1. LOL...you're such a good wife. :o) Hey I saw all that snow on the news!! You're really lucky to not have gotten it. I was wondering when I saw it if you were amongst it and did you have a store within walking distance of the house. I think where my sister's house is that they probably got that. Did you happen to see the piece on CBS about Walt Peters last night? One of our group was behind him when they interviewed him....the school teacher. It was a great piece they did on him I thought. Anyways...stay warm and hope your dentist appt comes out better. I got a thing in the mail for an appt with another doc but it doesn't tell me what kind of doc he is!! Geeeeeez. xoxoPS/Can't wait to see your cowl. And thanks for the suggestion on the skirt. Will try that this weekend.

  2. My parents are in the Jamestown area and didn't see a flake either. 2 winters ago the snow by Christmas was halfway up those windows when you'd look out!

  3. We're sitting here with sun at the moment and 44F...however, it was way colder this morning. Hopefully the snow will stay away for a while for you, but then again I believe you like the snow, don't you?! Can't wait to see your cowl, I know it's going to be beautiful!


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