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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Organization . . . again

Accomplished so far today:
  1. printed Dhru's Potholder . . need to make for  Catie for Christmas
  2. printed 12" wreath (sc) for potholder reference
  3. made slide show . .scrapped . .
  4. made scrolling marquee of Kitchen and Bath Designs . .MAN, I am missing a bunch in Flickr
  5. found and added more kitchen and bath designs to Flickr
  6. need to update bath and kitchen marquee
  7. wrote out Clara's Mice pattern in MS Word so I have it for future reference
  8. loaded as many square patterns as I could into Flickr . . why hadn't I done them sooner?
Now, to get the Wreath potholder and Dhru's potholder finished today.

Wonder How Much I Will Get Completed?


  1. I think you're doing pretty good there missy. :o) xoxox

  2. Don't you have a wedding anniversary coming up, or is it our birthday?


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