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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Research Project

I think I wrote about this once . .  and the bad experience I had on one of the blood draw days, but I'm doing it again.

"What am I doing?" you ask.

My answer . . taking part in a research project at Millard Fillmore - Gates Hospital. They work with the  UB School of Medicine in Endocrinology. I honestly can't remember the name of the 1st one I did last year . . . but I do remember how bad one blood draw I had.

I ALWAYS tell people drawing my blood that I am a hard stick. Normally, they take a little more time and the end results are good. This time, the Dr. decided she would start the draw. When it was all over, I was lying on one of the patient beds (The rooms they use were still set up as patient rooms so the beds are still there.), blood that had leaked out of the tubing on the bed next to my right arm, an ice pack on that arm and an aide who WAS GOOD doing the draw on the left arm. I have never seen a Dr. look so sheepish around an aide in my life.

So, I get a call today from someone with foreign accent . .sounded like Indian/Pakistani. I figured it was someone calling for the Dr. who used to have this number so I really didn't pay attention until I heard my name. Then, I had to ask the caller to repeat themselves.

The Endocrinology dept. at Millard Fillmore-Gates are doing something called, I think, a three meal study.  Two of the days the participants get a McDonald's breakfast loaded with fat and on one day, they receive a meal with fruits and veggies . . . or maybe just fruit since it is a morning study.

Of course, I said yes. I figure I don't do personal, go out and participate, volunteer work. This is what I choose to do. With a body like mine, at least it is useful in this type of research study.

I go in tomorrow morning, 9:30 am, to start the project. Will let you know more when I find out more.

Anything for Science, As Long As It Doesn't Hurt TOO MUCH !
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  1. Good luck tomorrow! See, blood draws and me - not gonna happen. My blood belongs in me. If you would like me passed out on the floor wave a big needle around me!


  2. Wow...you got to fill us all in.


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