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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Slide Show

FINALLY, I have figured out how to make a slide show with my patterns from 2010. (It is posted at the bottom of the blog.)I tried the Blogger Gadget slide show and I kept getting emptiness. I finally discovered the option on FLICKR. Now, I will need to learn is how to make them smaller for my sidebar.

Anyone out there know how . . .either to make the Flickr ones smaller or how to get the Blogger gadget to work?


  1. Your slideshow is so nice. I used to do one each year... can't remember the name of the site I used... It's kinda neat having an album of all the stuff you made over the year though; isn't it?

  2. You can also use picasa and upload to your blog (I have problems with this) or upload to youtube and then embed in your blog.


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