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Friday, January 21, 2011

I am SO LUCKY ! ! ! !

A day or two ago I received  a package in the mail. The return address wasn't one I recognized. I figure it is something from eBay that I had bought. Made sense to me.

I opened it and found a jewelry sized b ox inside. Now I WAS stumped. I knew I hadn't ordered something that would fit in this box.

I opened the box and below is what I saw.

Now, I WAS confused. Who had sent this, why did they send it and was it meant to go to me?

Thank heavens for GOOGLE! I Googled the name on the return address. I could only find the name as an eBay seller. SO, I found them there and sent them a message asking if they could, or would, tell me who sent it.

THANK YOU JAYNE! ! ! ! You are too kind for words. Again, you have humbled me by thinking of me on my birthday. Now, I am hoping that I can be as thoughtful to others as you have been to me.


  1. What goes around comes around. Good stuff Paula!

  2. Ditto what Clara said! That is beautiful. xoxo

  3. How fun!!! What a great surprise! =D


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