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Sunday, January 16, 2011

More Candy Making

I LOVE making 

 I made it at Christmas,
but I
"switched it up."

The recipe says something
about pouring it 
inn a pan
and cooling it
at room temp . . . 
or fridge if it doesn't set up.

At Christmas,
I found Wilton candy making forms
for 30% off.
I bought two, 
a gingerbread boy
and a Christmas tree.
They worked FANTASTIC!
All of the families we 
take Christmas "goodies" 
to got one of these
for each child.

Since they worked so well,
we bought a cookie pan
than makes cookies
in different Christmas shapes.
The cookie recipe we used
ended up making 
cookies . . . 
couldn't be given away,
much to puffy looking,
so I gave sacrificed my body 
to them.
I know . . 
poor me.

But . . . 
they worked FANTASTIC  (again)
for making chocolate.

So everyone on our
"goodie" list
got a small ceramic dish,
like a mini bread pan,
with 5 or 6 of the large
"chocolate cookies"
and 4 or 5 
mini-Christmas tree chocolates.

They looked good
and tasted better.

So, today,
I am hungry for that same chocolate.
The husband and I had talked about
using our mini-cupcake pan,
filling it 1/4 - 12 with the chocolate
then adding some 
smooth peanut butter
and topping it off
with more chocolate . . . 
Fur~Babies Momma
Reeses' cups.

Our neighbor LOVES
peanut butter and chocolate.
His wife came over
with a homemade cheesecake,
topped with strawberries,
that her mom made to pay me
for 3 sock monkeys I made for her.
(Alicia knew I wouldn't take money
and her mom would want to pay . . 
well, her desserts are 
and are worth more than money.)

I told her what we had made
and that I would have to give them some.
I need the approval
of Mr. Peanut Butter and Chocolate.

I'll let you know
how they turned out. 

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  1. Okay, Paula...I just have to tell you that you are annoying me with the centered text and short lines! Ha-ha. I think I need some of that chocolate to calm down now. Somebody did not get enough sleep. I need a nap already. :)


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